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Kevlaar 7 & WoodenChainz "Sophisticated Movement" DIGI PACK CD Edition


This offering, Sophisticated Movement, is a 15-track collaboration with burgeoning beatcrafter Woodenchainz, an album bursting at the seams with soulfulness as the sounds of decrepit Detroit's underground hip hop/blues heart continues to pour out from the Wisemen camp.

This album positively gushes with evocative choral croons, sampled vocal moans, sonically atmospheric strings, and crashing drum loops. At the forefront of it all, though, is a sharp, melodic, densely thoughtful lyricism courtesy of verbal witchdoctor Kevlaar 7. His style of delivering verbal visuals is an entirely unique one; stimulating wordplay and rhymes that are drawn with the contours of an abstract painting, "my bars laced with opaqueness" as he puts it. The rhythms of this "inundated rhetoric" tend to resonate in the mind long before the multiple conveyed meanings begin to reveal themselves. This effect is by design, the intent being to enlighten those in the dark: